Picture of the Week
Saturday, August 1, 2009 at 9:28AM
Christopher in Picture of the Week

This post should probably be called "Wallpaper of the week," but I think that sounds a bit strange.  I'm a very visual person and like finding new images that inspire me. 

So I've decided to share one of my guilty pleasures.  I change the wallpaper on my computer every few days, usually inspired by something I'm reading or just the occasional hunt on the net for new images from artists or photographers I admire.

So since I can't share all of the images I like, I have decided to share the best one I find each week with you.  Perhaps you'll want to make it your wallpaper too, or at least enjoy the chance to see or learn something new about an image and it's creator.

This first week, I have an image I quite like but don't know anything about.  It's summer so there's no need for everything to be educational.  :-)  If you know anything about this picture, please let me know. 

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